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Яница Симеонова (снимка)

Yanitsa Simeonova was born in 1981 in Lyaskovets, Bulgaria.

Yanitsa is the project founder, organizer of the first five issues of the Summer Art Camp and co-organizer of the sixth one.

She studied Waldorf pedagogic and Ecological Use of Natural Resources in Norway, as well as Art of Storytelling.

She has worked for four years in a Waldorf kindergarten and is presently working in a Waldorf school and also practicing permaculture in the Norwegian countryside. 


Aleksandra Bankova-Belver (photo)

Aleksandra Bankova-Belver is from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

She studies International Business Management in the Netherlands.


Aleksandra took part in the last two issues of the Arct camp. She holds a strong belief in the project's purposefulness.

She is a strategist in an English bank. Aleksandra speaks fluently English, Russian, and Spanish.

She also takes part in other charity projects and helps funding the Art Camp as well.

Glass is the main medium in her art. Aleksandra takes part in all "Colour My Summer" activities and contributes for the good mood of all participants.

Ani Marinova (photo)

Ani Marinova was born in 1979 in Pleven, Bulgaria. She graduated Ethnology in Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski” in 2003.

She has a Master's degree in European Projects from the Europeistics department of Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Ani is the vice-chairman of "MEDIUM - laboratory for culture and education" association.

She is interested in cultural and artistic industries, in culture's potential of enliving underdeveloped and declining regions, in creating conditions and instruments to encourage creativity, innovation, and cultural enterpreneurship, in opportunities for effective interaction between public forces and the NGO sector in the realms of culture and education, in the opportunities to finance ideas, related to culture and education. She has long-standing experience as an editor of an economical periodical.

Ani is an active participant in and supporter of numerous voulunteer initiatives.


Mihail Zhekunov (photo)

Mihail Zhekunov has a masters degree in Philosophy and is currently working on obtaining his PhD in the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Mihail has professional experience as a TV-show screenwriter. Since 2011 he is active in the NGO sector.

He is currently board chairman of the "MEDIUM - laboratory for culture and education" association.

Mihail is a member of the "Together in class" foundation since 2013.

He holds a firm belief that together we are capable of changing our society to be more fair and to offer equal opportunities for everyone.

Mihail loves working with children, because he believes they are going to build a better future.

Denitsa Ivanova (photo)

Denitsa Ivanova was born a little more than 30 years ago in Varna, Bulgaria.

She has a masters degree in Philosophy.

She specialized working with children and has years of experience as an advertising manager.

Presently she is creating workshops for applied crafts for children. Her true passion, however, is in organizational work and communication with people.

Denitsa never gives up easily.

She likes listening to music and she also travels a lot.



Nina Pehlivanova (photo)

Nina Pehlivanova was born in 1986 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She studied TV and Film Direction in New Bulgarin University and graduated in 2010.

She is a film challenge organizer in the non-formal artistic platform "CineMafia" (

Nina worked for three years in the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross, where she gathered experience in working with kids from social homes and in drug abuse prevention.

She plans to run her own wine cellar and piano bar one day, because she believes that good wine and quality music can make people really happy.

Alexey Nikolov (photo)

Alexey Nikolov has taken part in all issues of the "Colour My Summer" initiative so far.

He is also one of the founding members of the "MEDIUM - laboratory for culture and education" association.

Alexey was born in 1975 in Burgas, Bulgaria. He studied mathematics at Sofia Univerity "St. Kliment Ohridski" and is currently working as a mathematics lecturer in the Technical University of Sofia.

He is an active musician, and music is his main characteristic as a Summer Camp volunteer.

Alexey is a member of several music formations participating actively in the Sofia jazz-rock scene, and is also authoring music for theatrical pieces.

In the Summer Camp he not only teaches music, but does also participate in most other activities.

He's passionate about all art forms and values innovation, freedom and experimentation in arts.

Alexey took part in other charity campaings too.

Petko Chernev (photo)

Petko Chernev was borin in Varna, Bulgaria, in 1975.

He studed Sculpture in Veliko Tarnovo and obtained his masters degree in 2002.

Petko also studied pedagogics and worked several years as a teacher in his home city.

He is actively teaching painting, applied arts and sculpture in children centers and community centers ( ).

Petko has practices graffitoceramics for over 10 years in Veliko Tarnovo.

He is a member of the formation "Loshi Petli" (, where he is lead vocalist, and plays tambura, accoustic guitar, glockenspiel and percussions, as well as a member

of the folklose grou "Zora" ( (lead vocals, tambura, percussions).

A participant in the "Colour My Summer" project from its very beginning - in both the idea conception and the actual realization.



Tsvetan Tsvetanov (photo)

Tsvetan Tsvetanov was born in 1979 in Mihaylovgrad (today: Montana), Bulgaria.

He began hosting radio shows at the age of 15, and from 2002 to present is working for the "Hristo Botev" program of the the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

Founder of the music radio festival "Alarma Punk Jazz".

Author of culture shows on BNR and one of the host of the "Alarma" evening block.

Tsvetan is striving to popularize the music and culture of countries lesser-known to the Bulgarian audience, such as Mali, Nigeria, Mongolia, Finland, Armenia, Iceland, etc, as well as cultural and subcultural phenomena such as the Balkan underground scene, Chinese punk-rock, Vietnamese traditional improvised music, African spoken literature, etc.

He participated in last year's "Colour My Summer" Art camp, when he led a course covering the preparation and execution of a radio show.

The result - a radio show hosted by the children participating in the course - was aired live on BNR on July 15, 2013.


Milla Tsanova (photo)

Milla Tsanova was born in 1978 in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

She studied Philosophy and Journalism in Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Milla has interests in the fields of Social philosophy, Organizational philosophy, Psychodrama and its application in terapeutic and team work.

She worked as a journalist and PR coordination in various periodicals and NGOs.

Milla is currently as a program manager for a cable TV station.

Milla says when she grows up she'd start writing children's books.

Georgi Atanassov (photo)

Georgi Atanassov was born in 1978 in Sofia,Bulgaria.

He works in the fields of graphic design, web design, print advertisement and web site creation.

Georgi is running his own web design agancy. He has a desire to help people with unequal social status.

His dream is to organize IT education programs for kids deprived of parental care.

Georgi is interested in arts and in photography in particular.

Georgi writes articles for culture-oriented online sites, and has an art-related blog on his own:

He created and manages the project's current website and participated in "Colour My Summer" 2013.



Zdravko Minchev (photo)

Zdravko Minchev was born in 1981 in Varna, Bulgaria.

He's a project leader at "Art Foundation X". А craftsman and an artist.

He traveled Europe and Asia, performing fire shows and contact juggling.

Presently dedicating hist time mastering the craft of "plastene", Zdravko has sold experience in working with children, and sees a positiveinfluence of the "plastene" craft to the kids' abilities and emotions.

He participated in the 2013 edition of "Colour My Summer.

Zdravko is happy he was given an opportunity to share his knowledge and skills.

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